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Here are what some of our other patients have said about our practice!

"Our Family..."

“Our experience with Dr. Mack has been great! What I was most impressed with was the ease and timeliness of my daughters treatments. I really appreciated the personalized and professional care we received at each visit. Thank you, Dr. Mack, for the excellent orthodontic care you provided! The smile says it all!”

-- Alicia and Amelia

"Adults welcome!"

“Being in my late 40’s and deciding to improve my teeth with orthodontics was not easy. I had an issue with one of my front teeth needing to be crowned, that prompted me to start the process, and I am very happy I did. Dr. Michael McKee and his qualified staff did a great job carrying out my treatment and helping me understand what to expect. Also, Dr. McKee’s communication with my primary Dentist, Dr. Jody Wallace, was flawless in preparing for the new crown. I have found everyone from administrative to orthodontic assistants to always be positive and interested in my well being, as well as those who were treated at the time I was present. I am extremely pleased with the way my teeth look, and feel it is the result of Dr. McKee’s knowledge and his staff. ”

-- David C.

"Such a friendly office!"

"Dr. Mack has been treating both of my teenage daughters for over a year. When the girls walk in to his office he immediately addresses them by name and then continues a conversation from their last visit. It has absolutely amazed me to see him greet every child by name and then mention things that he's seen that reminds him of them and their interests. It's wonderful to know a doctor that's both personable and professional. My girls have always felt comfortable and taken care of every time they go, I would recommend Dr. Mack to anyone and everyone."

-- Angela H.

My Experience with Braces as an Adult

“I am 33 years old. Being an adult with braces, I was very nervous and skeptical at first, but Dr. Mack quickly calmed my anticipations and was my wonderful orthodontist through the 19-month duration that I had braces. He did a wonderful job and I owe my new beautiful smile to him! Of course, I am thrilled with his work as an orthodontist, but even more than that I was so pleasantly surprised at how caring, understanding, and honest he was regarding my treament, and how he treated me as a person. As his patient, he always made me feel like I was a real person that mattered, not just ‘another patient.’ He inquired about my personal well-being as well as my dental health. I really enjoyed being able to see the ‘human’ side of Dr. Mack along with his professional side. He was always very honest about my treatment and everything that had to be done regarding my teeth. He also has gone above the call of duty by accepting me as a patient in his new practice so he could continue to be the orthodontist to oversee my treatment with retainers since I my braces were removed. Dr. Mack is wonderful person and a fantastic orthodontist!”

— Melissa G.